The Bruny Island History Room

Bruny Island History roomEntry is free to the Bruny History  Room housed in the Court House Building.   A large achieve of Bruny life, its people and its history.   Sit in comfort and brows the Life of this historic island, its early explorers: Cook, Furneaux and many others.  Open Seven days a week from 10am to 3 pm
Allow a lot more time than you think!  this facility is full of interest!

Administered by the Bruny  Island Historical Society.

Visit our history room in the old Court House next door to the Police Station at Alonnah.
Since the Bruny History Collection was established during the Bicentennial year of 1998, local history research has been ongoing with most information coming from the monthly Historical Society field excursions and discussion groups.

The Bruny Island History Room has been established primarily for the benefit of the past and present community to provide a central point to meet, bring friends and relatives to look at ‘grass roots’ of family, or in the case of new arrivals, the location they now occupy.  The secondary purpose is to provide visitors with an ideal venue to access the many facts of Bruny Island history as it comes to life again through the many displays available.

This is very much a working History room.  Subjects will come on line and cross-referenced as time permits by a group of dedicated and enthusiastic people, so there will always be something new to see and read on your next visit.

The History Room Contains Information on the following subjects:Aboriginal Occupation
Bruny Island Profiles / Bicentenary
Churches,  Cemeteries,
Deeds, Documents, Census
Family Trees
Games & Events
Hospital, Health
Jetties (51)
Local Government
Post Offices, Stores
Pilot & Quarantine Stations
Reserves, Walks
Bruny Schools (5)
Timber Industry, Transport
Variety Bay Historic Sites
All this fascinating history is well presented in a series of:
Show Case Exhibits, Laminated displays, Photograph Albums, Scrapbooks of  Newspaper cuttings and lots of  Memorabilia.

If Doctor Who’s box exists, then it was probably based on the Bruny Island History Room, it bigger than you think.