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Inala Nature Tours is a local, pan Australian and international wildlife and Eco Tours operator.  Inala, an aboriginal word meaning 'a peaceful place', is a c. 600 hectare (1500 acre) property on Bruny Island, Tasmania. It is located north of Cloudy Lagoon near the South Bruny National Park. and close to the township of Lunawanna.  The Inala Private Reserve is situated at 320 Cloudy Bay Road, 3.2 km from the LunawannaT-junction.   The tours specialise in wildlife tours generally, but are experts on the bird life on the island and on several endagered species, like the 40 spotted Pardelote  and Swift Parrot.

Because Inala Nature Tours has its own estate, it has unique access to rare species and habitats, that are maintained by anHides ant Inala Nature tours enthusiast staff.  The estate also has its own accommodation and so has the ability to develop a full understanding of Bruny Island and its habitats.

The company has a number of specialist staff, all of which are experts in their own fields.  

Inala Estate has themed areas, one of which is named 'Inala Jurassic Garden.'  Designed across five acres of gently undulating land and accessed by a winding, wheelchair friendly, path Inala’s Jurassic Garden gives visitors an insight into the heady times when Australia was part of the supercontinent Gondwana.

On site is also a Nature Museum.  This has been created by the owner, Tonia Cochran, as for much of her life she has travelled Australia and further afield collecting shells, fossils, minerals and other fascinating artefacts of the natural world. This is her collection. 

Thoughtfully presented, this collection showcases many beautiful and rare objects. There are strong connections between the Nature Museum and Jurassic Garden, with many of the ancient fossils on display also featuring as living versions just outside in the Garden.

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