Cape Bruny Lighthouse

Cape Bruny Lighthouse

Image by Esther Cook

Cape Bruny Lighthouse stands at the most southern tip of South Bruny Island.   Its purpose is to guide vessels around south Bruny and on their way up to Hobart.  The reason for this route origionally, was that because of the dangers of the Bass Straight.   Early mariners prefered to take this more southern route and also, early vessels replenished water in Adventure Bay.   The direct way to Hobart was up the D'Entrecasteaux Channel, but this, at the time was poorly chartedand narrow for sailing craft.

The first mention of placing a lighthouse in the area reccommended Actaen's Reef, where an early shipwreck had taken place, but after further research, Bruny Island was the prefered option.   .

Cape Bruny Lighthouse was started in 1835 and completed and first lit in March 1838, which means that the lighthuse tower is the second oldest in Australia.  The construction was mainly carried out by convicts, using locally quarried stone.  The lantern was lit using sperm whale oil in what was called a Wilkins Lantern but today has a 'Chance Brothers' lantern.

The lighthouse holds the record for the longest manned at 158 years.  The lighthouse was closed in 1996 and is now managed by Austrlia's Parks and wildlife as part of South Bruny National Park.  Light keepers, or, more apropriately, wardens now keep the Cape Bruny Lighthouse open to the public.  It is also possible to go on organised tours, some of which start in Hobart with Bruny Island Safaries

Bruny Island Lighthouse Tours are the lease operators and the only company operating the lighthouse tours.
Tours operate between 10am and 4pm daily and can be booked online at or
Nobody can gain access to the lighthouse unless they are booked on our tours either just the lighthouse tour or Bruny Island Safaris tours.

The Cape Bruny Lighthouse is situated in a very scenic are and is well worth a visit,  The image below shows some of the views and 114 m. height makes  dramatic cliff top seascapes.

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