Walks on Bruny Island

Mavista walksBruny Island has a number of well marked walks and tracks.  Some of them are in State Forest Reserves an in the National Parke area.  Below are a list of sme of the most popular walks with maps from official notice boards.  Its important however, to check ut weather conditions and terrain before setting off, as conditions can change.  the list of walks on Bruny Island is by no means complete, however, these are the most popular.  For Guided walks in nature go to Inala Nature Tours
Firstly we have the walks in the Adventure Bay area.

Walks on Bruny Island

Mavista walk is a fairly short walk through rainforest.  It should take about 25 minutes in all.  Below is a map and an image of the sort of walk to expect.  There is a picnic area at the start of the walk called Discovery Park Picnic area .   Take Lochies road out of Adventure bay and turn right onto Resolution walk as it shows on the map below.  

Walks on Bruny Island

Fluted Cape and Grass Point.

Walking on Bruny Island Fluted Cape walk map

The map at the side, shows the two walks that originate from the end of Adventure Bay on the southern most end. At the time of writing, the start of the walks are just past the new visitor centre for Bruny Island Charters. The start of the walk is clearly marked and many points of interest can be seen along the way to Grass Point. In particular, there are foundations of what was a Whaling Station which has links to the famous Captain James Kelly. Below are some images of the ruins. The Walk to Grass Point is about 1.8 K each way and should take about an hour and a half. At the end of the walk are views out to Penguin Island. (Don't expect to see Penguins)  Click all images to enlarge

Fluted Cape Walk

For the more confident walker, the walk can be extended into a loop, returning down to the start point. This walk is called Fluted Cape and is more challenging. The walk sets of up the hill towards the Cape (272m) from Grass Point and  the Fluted cape walk takes about 2.5 hour return walk 3.6 km to the return point. This walk is not suitable for children, as there are some serious drops and the path can be slippery. It should be noted that no dogs, bicycles or firearms are permitted on this walk. Take care!, the amature video below gives some idea of the exposure.

The next two walks are also not far away from Adventure Bay and can be accessed from the back forestry Coolangatta Rd. C629 between Adventure Bay and Lunawanna.  It should be noted that this is a dirt track road and it is advised to have decent suspension and or, four wheeled drive.  The first walk is up the Mt Mangana track.

Mt. Mangana

Mount Mangana is the highest point on Bruny Island (571 m.) and has good views, although the trees have obscured a truly panoramic view.  The walk starts about 5K away from Adventure Bay, as shown on the map below and is through rain forest, with a wide range of plants and fauna along the way.    The walk is fairly easy, although a bit slipery in places after heavy rain.

Walks on Bruny Island

Clennettt’s “Top Mill” track

Situated again on Coolangatta Road, this time on the Lunawanna side of the road, is one of the more interesting of the old industrial sites of the island. This was the location of an early saw mill and log haul. Below are images of some of the equipment and a rough map of the route. The walk is well signed from the road and has good quality interpretation boards along the way. If you are interested in the islands wildlife, then this is a good place to find Tiger snakes if you go quietly. They may shuffle away as you approach.

Walks on Bruny Island

The Slide Track.

Is the last walk that can be either finished or started from Adventure Bay. This is a 10k walk and follows the old trackway that was built to take timber down to Adventure Bay We strongly recommend that local and current information is sought before attempting this often tricky walk. Also note that this is very good area for snakes.

Bruny Island Walks

Cape Queen Elizabeth

The start of this very scenic walk starts just south of the airstrip and heads out towards the beach, which is part of the Neck game reserve. Below is a map and image from the walk. A return trip should take just over three hours. An easy walk.

Walks of Bruny Island Cape Queen Elizabeth Walks of Bruny Island Cape Queen Elizabeth




Truganini Lookout

A short walk up the steps to a lookout overlooking the Neck Reserve.  Good Panoramic views.  The lookout was named after the native Australian below.

East Cloudy Head

Cloudy Bay BeachA beach walk with a return along a fairly well marked track.  A medium walk lasting around 4 hours.  (Parks and Wildlife description)  Start the walk at the car park at the end of Cloudy Bay Road and walk about 45 minutes until you reach the southern end of the beach. Turn inland along Imlays Creek which you cross a number of times over 100 metres in distance until you reach a 4WD track. The walk follows the old 4WD track with a number of quite steep ascents and descents. Once you reach the headland return the way you came.

Luggaboine Circuit

The Walk starts at the Jetty Beach Camping area, which can be found by turning right off the road down to Bruny Lighthouse. Walk through the bush track and then back along the coast and the beach.