Hobart Bruny Island

Hobart Bruny Island

Hobart Bruny Island is a search term often used in a google search as visitors don’t really understand that Bruny Island isn’t part of, or very close to Hobart City.  In fact, the centre of South Bruny Island and Hobart are about 84 K apart, with a ferry journey in between.  Also, a little preparation is required before you travel.

Firstly, if you are hiring a car it may be worth checking with the rental firm that it is OK for you to travel to Bruny Island.  The reason being, that some of the roads are still dirt track and not ‘sealed’.

Secondly, the ferry is not ‘bookable’ so time has to be given to set off early at busy times and queue up

Thirdly, if you are on a day trip, then consider getting one of the tour buses from Hobart.  Bruny Cruises and others have their own buses.

Fourthly, the distances are significant, so plan your day before you set off, as you are unlikely to see everything

Finally be aware that the only fuel on the island is on South Bruny at Adventure Bay at the store.