Welcome to Bruny Island Tasmania

Bruny Island lies at the south eastern tip of Tasmania and is connected bey a short ferry crossing from Kettering, south of Hobart. To see the island properly will take you longer than you think!  Stay awhile and relax.  You deserve it

Bruny consists of two islands, very different in character, which are joined by a narrow isthmus, "The Neck".  North Bruny has a drier climate and is well suited to sheep farming whilst South Bruny is more mountainous  and has large areas of rain forest in addition to sandy heathlands.  Both islands have spectacular scenery with wonderful, deserted beaches and abundant wildlife.

The island is fast becoming a Mecca for visitors, particularly from interstate and overseas, and has become a holiday escape for the people of Hobart, which lies about 1 hour away by road and the ferry, 'Mirambeena', from Kettering on the A6 from Hobart.

The population remains steady at approx. 600 residents although there is a large shack-owner population visiting the island on a regular basis.

The Island is well known for its Fairy Penguins, that appear each evening at the beach area known as The Neck.   A warden supervises the area during the summer months and plenty of "interpretative" information is available.  An evening visit to see the Penguins is well worth the effort.

Explore and visit our treasures as did the explorers of old.  Romance, wildlife, history, beaches, Bruny has it all in abundance!

The Island has all types of Accommodation catering  for Travelers,  Holiday Makers and those looking for a 'special place' for a honeymoon, anniversary occasion.

Enjoy this Lonely planet view of Bruny Island